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How to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day

When picking our wedding date, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could predict the weather? I mean, we could look at a farmers almanac, or some other historical data but in reality dude, we have some messed up unpredictable weather. The best way to tackle this is to PREPARE. I don’t mean prepare a year in advance but keep in mind the possibility of some rain when getting closer to your wedding day. If you see rain in your forecast, don’t panic. Here are some of my favorite tips on how to embrace rain on your wedding day and make the best of it!

Clear umbrellas! Clear umbrellas are actually so aesthetic. Be aware that it might be hard to get them locally closer to your date as some other brides might have the same idea. The more uniform the umbrellas are, the better. Amazon is a great option! Read the reviews and make sure they are normal sized etc!

Shoes! Plan for it. Wear your favorite hiking boots, or some other type of shoe that you feel comfortable in. If you’re wearing heels, chances are you’re going to sink into mud before you even get the chance to take another step. Your shoes don’t really show in most of your photos unless it is intentional.

Embrace it. Yeah, easier said than done (even I worry about my own wedding!!), but for real, embrace it. It is so much easier on your mind to just go with the flow. If you have a great vendor team, chances are they know what to do to maximize the outcome of your day despite the weather. Being able to adjust the timeline and work around the weather allows you to utilize any breaks in the weather if they do happen. The sooner you “let go” the earlier you can actually enjoy your day and be present. Take a deep breath, be mindful, be present, because in the future you’ll think it to be crazy that you spent so much time worrying about something as silly as the weather.

annnnd, to prove my point that something as silly as rain can’t ruin your wedding day, enjoy some of these images taken…. on rainy wedding days!

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