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Dreamy Fall Boho Wedding and My Plans for the Winter || Herman and Luthers, Montoursville PA

Wrapping up 2020, the year from another dimension it seems, was bittersweet. There is always a big gap between my final wedding of the year and the first wedding of the following year. Photography wise, it was interesting to see how my work has changed throughout this past year. I try not to play the comparison game as much, with others and even myself but lately i’ve been feeling SLIGHTLY discouraged. I think the end of the year burnout doesn’t help the matter. This time of the year is usually slow, it lets me regroup, ground myself, and refresh. I’m excited to get back on track mentally and physically even (quarantine 15 anyone?). I plan to invest in a couple mentorships and work on my branding, editing, and some studio projects. Winter is the time I usually try to reinvent myself, work on becoming better for the new year, and take a much needed break.

On a more positive note, I love how the end of the year is always a rewind. I love going through all of my projects from the beginning of the year, all the way to the end. I started the year with some super cold and contrasty edits and ended the year with beautiful warm tones and more variation in posing/composition. It’s a wild concept that while the time progresses and we get better, we don’t realize it until we look back. The more experience I get, the more challenging light situations I get into, and the variation in subjects for every shoot give me little pieces of experience that all continuously build on each other. I always get excited to the thought of where will my work be in just a couple years? I could’ve never imagined where i’d be now when I first started 3 years ago. Never could I picture so many people loving my work enough to trust me to photograph one of the most monumental days in their lives. Like Lydia and Jordan.

Lydia and Jordan were my final couple to get married this year. During Lydia’s planning process she kept me in the loop which made me so excited for the final day! She picked out the dreamiest details and it truly was a freaking insane wedding to end the year with. We also somehow got super lucky, the day of her wedding was one of the only warm days within that 2 week span. It was pretty wild how that all panned out. Lydia and Jordan were a blast and it reminded me of how grateful I am for every one of the weddings that clients trusted me to photograph this year. Side note but I promise it’ll circle back. I went to target the other day and saw a super cute floral water bottle for 9.99 and picked it up thinking okay this is cute af! Went home to wash it and realized that after I ripped the sticker off, on the opposite side in big letters was the word “BLESSED”. Now, if I saw it initially I don’t know that I would’ve picked it up, but I sometimes lowkey think that hey maybe that was meant to be. I really do feel so blessed to have had such a fruitful year with SO many awesome clients. Here are some of my favorite shots from Lydia and Jordan’s boho wedding of my dreams. Also, can we peep the first photo? Definitely Taylor Swift “lover” vibes going on with the cotton candy skies that day!

Venue: Herman and Luther’s

Florals: Cypress Florals

Makeup: Rikki Feerrar

DJ: Nittany Entertainment

Cake: Bellas Bliss Bakery



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