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Bouncing Back in Business After COVID-19 || Montoursville, PA

The shutdown for business was absolutely necessary in order to keep us safe, but it took a toll on my creativity, finances, and schedule. Before covid I had 8 spring weddings, now they have since been postponed. Not only did I have postponed weddings, but so many sessions too! It really bummed me out, and made it hard for me to see clearly in my creative space.

As you may or may not know, I’ve only been doing this for 2 years, with the past couple months being the closest i’ve ever felt to perfecting my style. My shooting style has changed significantly over those two short years from mentorships, education, tons of practice and gathering inspiration. It was hard keeping a feed looking great when my shooting style has changed so much recently. I want to portray my new direction and my new overall vibe but I didn’t have a lot of content to work with that was up to my new standards. But then FINALLY. I am finally able to open again. I had my first session back Wednesday and it was pure magic. Being able to use all of the new techniques and new editing tricks i’ve learned on an engagement session was the spark that fueled the creative fire. While editing Marissa and Joel’s engagement session, I had so much anxiety. Good anxiety. Being able to bring to life all the education and editing tricks I learned was amazing. To see some of the magic, keep scrolling. I cannot wait until their wedding day!



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