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Wedding at Herman and Luther’s || Montoursville, PA

Adriann and Ryan were the first couple to ever inquire with me. Before I even knew how to price weddings, and what I was even doing. I didn’t even know how weddings worked to be honest. I actually didn’t know that there was an engagement ring and a wedding band. I didn’t know the sequence of events; the last wedding I went to was when I was 12 in Italy. And mind you, I don’t speak Italian lol. Fast forward to even a month before their wedding, and I’ve second shot over 10 weddings and photographed 2 of my own. Adriann originally booked me for a regular couples session and then asked me to change it to an engagement session. It kind of went from there.

Since I’ve started photographing weddings, I seriously wanted to photograph a wedding at Herman and Luther’s. It is kind of a dream venue. Not only is it within 5 miles of me, it is insanely beautiful. They have incredible views right outside the venue which is perfect for couple photos etc. The girls got ready on location which made everything on my end a breeze. It couldn’t have been better. Adriann had a simple modern theme going which complimented the rustic look of the venue. She also hired a slamming DJ that I literally will recommend to everyone based off of that one wedding. The makeup was phenomenal because Rikki Feerrar is like a makeup wizard. The florals were spot on, I can’t recommend Hometown Floral enough. I used them for my personal shoot and time and time again they show their talent. The day was pretty much perfect. Adriann and Ryan were the freaking cutest to top it off. It was a perfect concoction of every amazing vendor, perfect weather, and the most adorbs couple. Love love loveee. Here are some of my favs below!

Venue: Herman and Luther’s

DJ: Nittany Entertainment (and trust me, for a lack of a better term, they slap)

Makeup: Rikki Feerrar

Florals: Hometown Floral

Videographer: Paige Klingerman



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