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Brittany Boote Workshop and What I Learned || Williamsport Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

I attended a workshop hosted by none other than the Brittany Boote. Truthfully, indoor lighting freaks me out. I totally feel intimidated by it, and for that very reason, I don’t play with it much. Natural light is where I’m comfortable at. I have been enticed by the idea that indoor lighting is entirely controlled. No worrying about overly sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, or weather related hinderances always piqued my interest.

This workshop allowed me to work with controlled light and natural window light. And to be honest? I love my photos from each lighting instance equally. It’s a freeing concept right? Achieving amazing results in both instances made me feel so confident in what I can do. Since the workshop i’ve worked on my indoor lighting techniques and I love where i’m at!

Lighting wasn’t the only aspect I learned about. I learned to be creative. To shoot at compositions that I normally wouldn’t. To use objects to change the entire vibe of the photo and to work with amazing models in such a well composed atmosphere. I left that workshop feeling inspired about my future and my capabilities. I not only got to photograph some amazing content, but learned skills and ideas that I can carry into my future work.



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